Why Choose Grey Pearl?

Picking out the dress should be fun and enjoyable—give Grey Pearl the chance to make that happen for you! I cannot to wait to meet my future brides, their friends, their families! I can’t wait for that moment of finding that dress that makes them truly shine. 

To explain what Grey Pearl is, I should tell you a little bit about myself, as it would only makes sense. My name is Danyelle. I was born and raised in Las Vegas around a slew of women in my family with fashion obsession and bad shopping habits. Naturally, I could only be expected to follow suit. While my younger fashion choices were questionable, I always wanted to be different, and I constantly sought out the latest fashion trends. And although my tastes have changed slightly with age, life must-haves now include delicious coffee, a good meal, fashion magazines, and a great coat (I know I live in the desert, but I can’t help it).

Grey Pearl is my vision to bring emerging designers and the perfect customers together. It is about supporting uniqueness and craftsmanship. It is about finding yourself in the style of dress that makes you feel the MOST you and the you that everyone else should see.