Why I opened Grey Pearl

As an inaugural post, it is only fitting to start from the beginning, and dig a little deeper into what Grey Pearl means to me, Las Vegas, and its future brides! 

Grey Pearl was born from the passion and desire to support emerging artists and new designers and connect them to modern women, thus finding the dress of their dreams! Over the last few years, I’ve watched women shop for their wedding dress and choose from the only options they thought they had. And while I researched for new looks and new designs, I was never seeing them in stores! I was born and raised in Las Vegas, the wedding capital of the world, and I didn’t feel like brides were being fully serviced in the way that they should. Why would my friends settle for a dress here or feel the need to travel out of town to find what they been seeing online and in their dreams? 

I never set out to create something that already existed here in Vegas. I never wanted to say “well we’re just like them, but better.” I knew that Las Vegas has a reputation for the glitzy and glamorous wedding, and who can blame a lady for loving a little sparkle. But what about the modern style loving bride that wants something a little different? Here at Grey Pearl, I focus on the bride that wants to feel the luxury in the fabrication; she wants to know that she’s wearing a bridal gown that you can’t find somewhere else; she believes in craftsmanship and uniqueness; you can’t take your eyes off of her, and she feels her most self beautiful! 

I truly love styling from head to toe. It’s not just the dress. It’s also the hair, the shoes, the jewelry, the veil—-and yes I’m very pro wedding veil! Honestly, what is a better excuse to wear a veil than your wedding day? They’re so delicate and chic. It allows a non-traditional bride to have just that little touch of tradition. Don’t have your wedding shoes picked out? Let’s find your dress and then search for shoes together. I could talk about shoes all day! I love getting to know each and every one of my brides. It’s what makes my job so special. Allowing me to be a small part of them getting married is just so cool! Each lady is so unique, so it’s a new experience for me every time, too.

When I was searching for a name, I thought I wanted something that was a desert cactus flower--because of our location. But nothing was clicking! My mother handed me a book of roses that had belonged to my great grandmother, who had been a part of the Rose Society here in Las Vegas. And there it was, a hybrid tea rose—the Grey Pearl. A rose that, with the right attention,  will bloom out of control, and its color changes depending on where it is growing. The creator of this rose once said "This rose is not everyone's cup of tea, but... When it is happy, it is mindbendingly beautiful." And what is more romantic and beautiful than a bride finding in the dress that makes her feel mindbendingly beautiful in?! 

From the time of your engagement, there are a lot of things that feel extremely overwhelming. You’ll start hearing lot of opinions about the date, about the location, about the food, the music, etc. Grey Pearl wants to be the sanctuary from all the extremes, and the time to enjoy trying on beautiful dresses! When you walk into the store, you automatically feel the luxury and relaxed vibe that I had intended. The sales floor is clean, open, and not too cluttered. You can easily access all of the gowns and see exactly what you’ll be trying on. The private fitting room lounge is separate for a reason. It keeps you and your family feeling like it truly is your private appointment. The lounge is built to feel like you’re in someone’s home with an open kitchen to a living room set up. The environment was inspired by love of art galleries and city loft apartments. A private appointment allows you time to yourself. There’s time to talk about how you want to look and feel on your wedding day. There’s time to explore options that you might not have thought of before. There’s time to celebrate when you find THE dress!

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