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I don't call myself a stylist. I'm more of your advisor or consultant. It could be just helping you focus on what your style is, assisting with shopping appointments, or helping you hunt down a specific outfit. Our clients are seeking something beautiful, effortless, different, and maybe even a little fashion forward. 

I founded Grey Pearl with a dream of supporting emerging bridal designers and they’re amazing collections. After a few short months, I realized that I love to support the personal style discovery! We laugh together, we share stories, and we help you find the perfect look. 

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You did the research, but you still feel a little lost? Whether you need help to easily navigate the overwhelming amount of options or you feel like there's just nothing out there for you, let me help you figure out where to start, how to get there, and finalize the perfect look!


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When I used to sell wedding dresses, a lot of time and effort was spent curating a cool collection that is really fun to explore. Now that I'm consulting, there's so much more freedom to help you find your style and vibe and find a look that feels so specifically you! Never compromising.


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You are not expected to know anything about wedding dresses: how they fit, how they’re made, or how long it takes to get. That’s why you come see me! I’ll always be upfront about the process and help you figure out exactly how to get what you want. 


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At Grey Pearl we’re always striving for transparency, exclusivity, and to make your dress shopping as easy as humanly possible.

People often ask how I got myself into this wild, fun, always changing world of bridal. And the short answer is “very randomly.”

Bridal sort of met all my desires of working with artists and private clients, love of beautiful textiles, appreciation of craftsmanship, and making personal connections. Creating something unique and special in my hometown was on the top of my list! Now I've expanded beyond the brick and mortar retail to help even more clients for both bridal and special event dressing! When I’m not working with clients, I’m spending time with my family, finding new restaurants to try, dreaming about my next pair of shoes, or pretending I’m a floral designer at home with the flowers I purchase from Trader Joe’s. 

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